The experience of reading a book can be very different these days. Virtual technology is now part of our life. Why not use it to bring to life a manuscript from 1670?

Mubil has opened its doors to the public. We invite you to experience the books of the Gunnerus digital library lab – in a game environment using a power wall and 3D projector. Individuals or groups of up to five can enter our 3D lab, “perform” certain tasks in a virtual reconstruction of an old laboratory and learn through interaction. Thus they are introduced to a game environment in a power wall with a 3D projector. The 3D lab can also be set up at your venue.

You find us at Kalvskinnet next to the Natural Science Museum. We can also come to your venue with a presentation or workshop. Book a workshop here.


Here you can see a film on our last application. Gunnerus Library can deliver this to your school in a touch screen format as well.


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