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Celebrating ‪#‎WorldBookDay‬

ARK4 is now in its second phase with external financing from the National library of Oslo.

Our collaborators in ARK4 from Athena Digital Curation Unit  Digital Curation Unit, «Athena» Research Centre decided to celebrate ‪#‎WorldBookDay by creating a quiz on Children’s Books using free content from!

Take the quiz here 

Book fair in Trondheim 1961, UB Photo archive


ARK4 wants to create a virtual dialogue between the public and institutions involved in the project through gaming activities. In its new phase, the project aims in re-using digital content from the Cultural Heritage sector, mainly deriving from Europeana, to reach a wider audience through knowledge testing games. ARK4 is a project-collaboration among four institutions in Trondheim: NTNU University Library; NTNU Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI); Regional State Archives in Trondheim and Norwegian Deaf Museum and an international partner: Athena Digital Unit RC in Athens, Greece. During this collaboration, workshops were held focusing on introducing new technologies in teaching.

The technical responsibility for the quiz had Dimitris Gavrilis and Eleni Afiontzi (Athena RC) while the curation of the content was undertaken by Agiatis Benardou and Eliza Papaki (Athena RC).



Mubil does Mykonos

On June 22nd and 26th,  ARK4 organised a four-hour workshop for a school class of 6 at Mykonos secondary private school, “Sygxroni Paideia”. Aliki, Margarita, Marina, Mattheos, Antonis and Amarylis have agreed to become the focus group of ARK4 in Greece. The students were very excited that they would be working with technology on the local history and archaeology.

Drawing by Simona Kanellou
Drawing by Simona Kanellou

The students started by taking the quiz that ARK4 has produced on the history and archaeology of Mykonos and Delos. They have now decided to create their own quiz. They will also be working over the following months with photographing vases that have been found on the island of Rhenia exhibited today at the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, as well as visiting the Maritime Museum of Mykonos. Divided in three teams of two students they will collect interviews and visual material and will create their own interpretation of the history of the island and present it to their school the 28th of September 2015

During the workshop the participants experienced the 3D lab produced by Mubil with the Oculus glasses and were thrilled by the feeling of becoming an alchemist within a virtual 1650s lab. Mattheos said that he would love to learn about chemistry as a subject this way, through the use of immersive technology. Aliki reported that she got a little dizzy but very excited. 

The students are participating in this workshop as an extra curricular activity and they are highly motivated to work on the ARK4 products. After the quiz, the workshop included a guided tour of the archaeological site of Delos Island in April, during which Alexandra Angeletaki introduced the students to the 3000 years history of one of the most important sites in the Aegean sea: the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis according to the Greek mythology.

This workshop in Greece is part of the collaboration ARK4 has with the digital unit Athena RC in Athens that works with Digital Humanities and other EU funded projects. The workshop and ARK4 is funded by the National Library of Norway and intends to create user generated narratives as an engagement method for the wider public of Museums and Archives. 

The greek site of the quiz is 

Mubil does Delos

A creative seminar of history and archaeology. 16th and 17th of April at the Municipal Library of Mykonos.

-Why did Delos used to be known as “Adelos”?
-Why did Theseus stop over on his return from Crete?
-What symbolised the god Apollo?
-Where was the Mykonian “Pithos” found?
-Who were the first denizens of the “Castro” district?
Join us and become archaeologists and historians! Let us write, draw and learn using technology!


A creative game for school children of all ages about the history and antiquity of Mykonos and Delos. Designs my Simona Kanellou.

Mubil does TEDx

This talk was given at TEDxTrondheim last event “The Unseen”, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Alexandra explains how she decided to gather a team and develop a 3d experience out of a 500 years old book, making the hidden knowledge more accessible to the public.