Mubil has had many publications and papers in International conferences: 



Articles in English:

  • Angeletaki, A. and S. O. Johansen (2013). “Implementation of 3D tools and immersive experience interaction for supporting learning in a library-archive environment”. Visions and challenges. CIPA 2013. Strasburg.
  • Carozzino, M., A. Angeletaki, et al. (2013). “Virtual technologies to enable novel methods of access to library archives.” SCIRES-IT : SCIentific RESearch and Information Technology 3(1): 25-34.
  • “Mubil : A digital laboratory. Museum and the web.” San Diego, 2012.
  • Angeletaki, A. and M. Carrozzino (2013). “Seeking knowledge in an Immersive Experience Environment.” A case-study by the NTNU University library of Trondheim. Cultural heritage, Creative tools and Archives. Copenhagen.
  • Angeletaki, A., M. Carrozzino, et al. (2013). “Information landscapes for the communication of ancient manuscripts heritage.” Digital Heritage International Congress (DigitalHeritage), 2013. Marseilles.
  • Angeletaki, A., M. Carrozzino, et al. (2013). “Mubil, creating an Immersive Experience of old books to support learning in a Museum-Archive environment.” Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8215: 180-184.
  • Angeletaki, A., I. L. Dominguez Marquez, et al. (2012). “MUBIL – a digital laboratory : creating an interactive library experience.” Det 73. norske bibliotekmøte. Stavanger.
  • Angeletaki, A., L. Jaccheri, et al. (2012). “Mubil, a Digital Laboratory: Creating an Interactive Visitor Experience in a Library-Museum Environment.”
  • Angeletaki, A., M. Carozzino, et al. (2013). “Implementation of 3D tools and immersive.”
  • “Experience interaction for supporting learning in a library-archive environment. Visions and challenges.” International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences XL-5/W2: 37-41.
  • “MUBIIL: Ancient manuscripts becoming a virtual experience” – Interview with Dr. Marina Belli


 Articles in norwegian: 
  • Angeletaki, A., M. L. Jaccheri, et al. (2012). “Mubil prosjektet av NTNU univeristetsbiblioteket.” Culture and the web. Stavanger.
  • “Alkymi med originalt utstyr” – Article published in (in norwegian)
  • “Vitenskap og mystikk smelter sammen”– Article in Nowegian at the University newspaper (in norwegian)
  • “Blog about Hans Hansen Lilienskiold” – made by Experts In Team students from NTNU
  • Angeletaki, A. (2013). “Bøkenes virtuelle verden!” SPOR: 42-45. Angeletaki, A. (2014). “Mubil:Fremtidens Digital bibliotek.” Bibys konferanse. Trondheim. Angeletaki, A., M. Carozzino, et al. (2013). How is the use of Virtual Reality technology challenging the museum- library sector? The case of the University Museum and Library of Trondheim, Norway. CAAUK2013. London.


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